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Our name – Encompass – reflects our commitment to you, our client, to providing products and services that help you maximize your cash flow and capital to help you grow your business, lower costs, and increase profits.

We have partnered with companies that are recognized as leaders in their industries to provide an extensive set of offerings including:

Traditional Loans
Government guaranteed loans
-    SBA 7a and 504
-    USDA
    - Capital
-    Tax
-    Operating
-    TRAC
-    Municipal
Equipment Financing Agreements (EFA)
Financial, Business, and Operational Consulting
Benefit Plans
Retirement Planning
Structured Sales

Operating Lease

An operating lease, true lease, or tax lease is a tax-motivated equipment lease that allows a company to expense the lease payment or have off-balance sheet financing. The lessor is able to offer rates that are below traditional financing due to accelerated depreciation. For tax purposes, the lessor claims the entire amount of the payment as income and is able to depreciate the equipment. Similarly, a TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease offers the same benefits but is specifically for commercial vehicles.

Municipal Lease

A municipal lease is used by government entities to acquire equipment and real property. Due to of the tax-exempt nature of these transactions, rates are typically lower. Interest income earned is not subject to federal income tax, so the lessor is able to exclude the interest portion of payment from taxable income.